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Through the Careways patient outreach program, our care coordinators act as confidants, advisors, and coaches to better understand and anticipate member needs, help navigate member care, and improve their satisfaction with the healthcare experience. Care coordinators will help members fully understand their treatment plan and the expected outcomes, and the purpose and benefits of any prescribed medications. Once members and their Primary Care Physician (PCP) set treatment goals, the care coordinator

will monitor member progress and help eliminate any delays in treatment.

Care Decision Support

Helping members decide where and when to
seek medical care

Quality and Prevention

Helping members use preventive measures to
maintain a healthy lifestyle

Chronic Disease Support

Helping members with chronic disease
maintain a healthy lifestyle

Complex Care Support

Helping members maintain a healthy lifestyle
when facing a major health event

Medication Support

Helping members understand their medications
and take them correctly

Transition of Care

Helping members come home from a hospital
or care facility