You’re in control and can sustain a healthier and more engaged workforce aligned to your business goals.

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We provide more timely interventions on identified health problems of our members, tackling these health risks earlier to avoid or reduce the occurrence of major health events. Through an engaged team relationship of member, PCP, and care coordinators, everyone understands the agreed upon treatments and medications, shares a common goal towards a health outcome, and works together to manage care. Moreover, we think data matters and that better outcomes arise from better access to data by all stakeholders, especially patients and their providers. Data helps personalize treatment planning, improves PCP practice efficiencies, raises overall quality of health outcomes, and reduces the total cost of care.

  • Simple pricing structure for either embedded or stand-alone solution
  • Reporting demonstrates clear ROI based on health outcomes
  • Embeds in all Healthcare Highways Health Plans (sold in Oklahoma)
  • Empowers the patient-PCP relationship to reduce total cost of care
  • Enables health as a business strategy
Employer Options

Embedded in HCH Health Plans

Careways care management services come embedded in Healthcare Highways health plans sold in Oklahoma.

Stand-alone option

Careways care management services may be purchased as a stand-alone option in alignment with an existing health plan.

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