Medication Support

In 2010, spending for prescription drugs in the US was US $259 billion. In fact, nearly half of all adults have at least one chronic disease and take at least one prescription drug. And the number of adults taking three or more prescription drugs doubled between 2007–2010. However, medication nonadherence is now widespread with 25% to 50% of patients not taking their medication as prescribed or not taking it at all.

The most common reported reason for patients missing medications:

  • forgetfulness (24%)
  • perceived side effects (20%)
  • high drug costs (17%)
  • perception that a prescribed medication would have little effect on their disease (14%).

Communication is key to the effectiveness of medications prescribed by providers for their patients. Careways care managers work through the primary care provider to help members understand their prescriptions, and when and how to take them, sharing community and financial support resources as well as health related coaching tools to enhance adherence.