You have extra support providing your patients with a better care experience and improved health outcomes.

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We provide our associated Primary Care Providers (PCPs) with the tools and additional support they need to ensure their patients follow the best care pathway to optimal health outcomes. Our predictive analytics, access to patient health claims information, and technology platforms make it easier for PCPs to leverage patient and peer insights in treatment planning. And our care coordination team members – care coordinators, nurses, pharmacists, and referral coordinators – work directly with members on behalf of their primary care providers (PCPs) to understand and follow treatment plans so that members have the best health outcomes possible across all health risk tiers.

  • The patient-PCP-centric care model is foundational
  • Adds layer of support
  • Direct engagement with care coordinators
  • Exchange actionable information
  • Improves access to claims data

Provider / System Mapping

Helping PCPs connect and coordinate care with members using Careways provider representatives and care teams

Referral Guidance

Helping PCP practices efficiently refer patients to the optimal specialists and facility partners

Data Analytics and Management

Helping aggregate and analyze data to identify populations at risk, measure the quality and cost of care, and share insights across the patient/provider/care team

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